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Tours by boat through the mystic Spreewald at night time. Experience Fire, Water and Lights; Trees, Bridges and Houses harmonize in a wonderful nightly composition, totally different from the day tour…
A top class Live-concert on our floating stage will inspire you…
Phone 0 35 42-22 25


Our service for you:

  • Biggest offer on daily boat tours
  • Current departures from 9:30am
  • Gift certificates
  • Combined boat- bike tours (reservations only)
  • Combined boat- canoe- tours (reservations only)
  • Appreciable Group Offer
  • Complete day tour arrangement
  • City Tours and City Tram
  • Available at the Bus Parking Lot, Dammstraße
  • Car or Bike - Parking Lots in Dammstraße, Poststraße and near the church
  • Bike stand around the boat landing place


Kahnfährgenossenschaft Lübbenau & Umgebung eG · Dammstraße 77a · 03222 Lübbenau/Spreewald·Phone 0 35 42-22 25 ·

Every day from 9:30 am on, we await you for a boat trip. The tours have flexible starting times, depending on the capacity of each boat. Depending on your interest, our excursions can last until the late afternoon. The boats usually don't start with less then 12 people on board. There is no right to claim any of the named boat trips. The Lehde-Tour can be shortened if our guests wish so, the price will remain the same. We like Groups, Organizer, Clubs and Associations to contact us directly (main office). Families and/or other tourists pay their guide at the boat station.


The ’Spreewald‘ - a unique natural and cultural landscape - was declared as a biosphere reserve in 1990 and achieved UNESCO status in 1991. This meadowy countryside (48.400 ha) is traversed by a net of streams (1.575 km of waterways), fields, grassland and wood.
In total, 260 km of those streams are accessible and quite worth a tour by punt or boat. On a punt the net of streams can be experienced nowadays as it was a hundred years past. The punts are mainly round trips and lead you to places like Lehde, Leipe, the restaurant ’Wotschofska‘ as well as into the heart of the ’Spreewald‘, the High Forest.

Day tour experiencing the high forest…
…enjoying pure, untouched nature like Theodor Fontane (famous writer) used to.

The tour starts at the boat landing place called “Grosser Spreewaldhafen” in Luebbenau, heads towards the little village Lehde, known for its secluded houses, and continues to the restaurant “Wotschofska”. This will be our first stop in the morning forest. The tour takes you up the “Wehrkanal” into the deep forest with its majestic alder trees (25–30 meter high); passing the “Schützenhaus”, an old mill called “Kanowmill” until we reach the “Pohlenz-Schänke” – a restaurant build at the border of the high forest.
After the break, which gives you the opportunity to have lunch, the tour continues along the Leiper trench, passing the village Leipe and moving down the main waterway of the Spree towards Lehde. Here is another possibility for our guests to request a stop. The tour back to Luebbenau will be in the early evening. As we complete the day you can say for sure, that you saw the Spreewald from every aspect.

Length incl. stops: 8 – 9 hourrs May 15th – Sept. 15th every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
Reservations advisable

Short Day tour to the village Leipe…
…enjoy the idyll of the Spreewald.

This tour takes course through the village of Lehde, also called the “Venice of the Spreewald”, heading to the restaurant “Wotschofska” which is hidden in the woods and only reachable by boat or bicycle. After a short stop here, the tour leads into the pictorial Spreewald along the “Burg- Lübben- Canal” to the village called Leipe, where we will have a break for lunch. With new strength, we will continue down the main waterway of the Spree, heading back towards Luebbenau. If time is plenty, we can stop in the village Lehde. From there it will be approx. 30 minutes to get back to Luebbenau.

Length incl. 3 stops: 6 – 7 hourrs May 15th – Sept. 15th
Group Reservations advisable

Romantic Summer Night Tour…

Enjoy calm and dreamlike waterways along pure, undisturbed nature as the sun goes down. The stop in Lehde is recommended for a nice intimate dinner. On our way back, your boat will be illuminated with atmospheric lights.

Length incl. stop (suggested): 4 hourrs (3 or 2 hours possible) May 15th – Sept. 15th every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday May until August 6pm/ Sept. 5pm
Reservations advisable

A combined tour…
…Nature and Technology in Harmony.

On our way to the restaurant “Wotschofska”, an island in the alder forest, we will pass three sluices which are still operated by hand – a unique experience.
Besides the sluices, the waterline is regulated by many weirs. After a break in “Wotschofska”, which seems to be isolated from the rest of the world, we will head back towards Luebbenau; passing the small village Lehde on our way. A stop can be arranged if you wish to visit one of the Cafés or the Museum.

Length incl. stops: 5 hourrs

The traditional Wotschofska tour…
…as our grandparents knew it.

Our destination is the hidden restaurant “Wotschofska”. As the tour starts, we will pass the Spreewald village Lehde; moving along quiet streams that will take you alongside numerous woods and meadows until we reach our final destination for a break. We hope you enjoy your meal out here!
On the way back, we will pass Lehde again – this time in its delightful “afternoon mood”. If you wish to stop here (price not included in tour) you may talk to your guide. Visit the open-air museum or taste our famous regional pancakes, called “Plinse”.

Length incl. stop: 4 hourrs (with 2nd stop in Lehde 4,5 hours)

Roundtrip Lehde…
…the classic tour.

After leaving the boat landing place “Grosser Spreewaldhafen”, you will pass the sparsely populated village Lehde with its agricultural land. On this tour, you will get the chance to see Lehde via the mainstreet - which is the waterway! Once we arrive at the romantic village, there will be enough time for you to visit the open-air museum, go for a walk or have a snack.

Length incl. stop: 3 hourrs

The short Lehde tour…
…have a browse!

Soon after leaving the boat landing place “Grosser Spreewaldhafen” you will pass the sparsely populated village Lehde with its agricultural land. Arriving in the unique village, we plan a short stop (about 30 minutes) which you can use to visit the open-air museum, go to the restaurant “Fröhlicher Hecht” or the Café “Venedig”. After that, we will be on our way home to Luebbenau.

Length incl. stop: 2 hourrs

Regular boat route…
…Germanys only line operation using boats.

Starts daily May 15th until Sept 15th at 11am and 2:30pm from the main boat landing place, going to the village Lehde and the open-air museum. This is the fastest way to travel between the locations and not to confound with one of the classic boat tours.

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